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Membership of the Society shall cease with effect from the date of a member: -
b)Ceasing to hold the qualification for membership as specified in these By-laws, the Rules or the Act.
c)Being expelled from the Society.
d)Voluntarily withdrawing from the Society in accordance with these By-laws.
e)Becoming of unsound mind.
f)Being declared bankrupt by a competent court.

A member may withdraw from the Society by giving sixty (60) days notice in writing of his intention to withdraw from the Society.
The Management Committee must approve such withdrawal and take all the necessary Action to refund the member’s deposits or any other interest due to him or transfer his shares as he may direct.

The Management Committee may suspend, subject to expulsion by the General meeting a member who: -
a)Is convicted in a Court of Law for criminal offence for any reason or
b)Willfully fails or refuses to comply with the applicable law, By-laws, policies and procedures of the Society.
c)Acts in any way detrimental or prejudicial to the Society’s interest or other just cause.

a)Upon formal and written announcement  (by a member or management) that a member has committed a violation punishable by expulsion, the Management Committee shall provide written notice to the member stating the reason(s) for the proposed suspension and subsequent expulsion by the General meeting and grant a member 30 days to prepare his defense.
b)After this period, taking into consideration the member’s defense, the Management Committee shall initiate an administrative inquiry and take a decision on its findings within 15 days. The said member shall have right of appeal against the decision of expulsion by the management Committee at a General meeting.