Members shall consist of: -
a) Original members who signed the application for registration,
b) New members subsequently admitted in accordance with these By – Laws.

A person of either sex shall be eligible for membership who possesses all the following qualifications: -

a) Employees of KTDA and retirees of KTDA, subsidiary companies and her factory companies.
b) An employee of CHAI Housing Society but cannot be in the committee.
c) An employee of CHAI Sacco.
d) Any other interested party who meets the requirements may under the discretion of the Management Committee be admitted for membership so long as:.

i. Is of good character and sound mind.
ii.Is not less than 18 years of age.
iii.Has not applied to be adjudicated as insolvent or is not declared bankrupt by a competent Court of Law.
iv.Is an heir to a deceased member provided that he shall not qualify for the rights and privileges of membership until he attains the age of 18 years.
v.Accept to abide by and observe the provisions of these By-laws and other regulations and resolutions made by the members regarding the operations of the Society.

Every applicant for membership shall complete an “Application for Membership” form as may be prescribed by the management.

[ Download Joining Form Here ]

a) The Management Committee subject to confirmation by the next General Meeting shall admit members.  On being accepted by the Management Committee, a member shall sign his name in the Register of members in the presence of two members of the Management Committee or one member of the committee and manager to indicate his acceptance of the By – laws of the Society.
b) An applicant shall be admitted to the membership, but shall not qualify for the rights and privileges of a member until he has paid a non – refundable Entrance Fee of Kshs. 2,000, a Share Capital of Kshs. 10,000 and Institutional Capital of Ksh. 1,000. The monthly administrative charges at the rate of Ksh. 300 per month. The ownership by shares of an initial minimum of Kshs, 500 per month and a maximum of Ksh. 400,000. These fees are subject to adjustments by the management committee (subject to approval by General Meeting) in order to be in tune with the prevailing economic situations.
c) A number shall be assigned to each member as a means of identifying his account with the Society.

The Management Committee may refuse membership to any person by giving him reasons for its refusal, provided, however, that the person, whose membership has been refused, if otherwise eligible for membership, shall have the right to appeal to the next General meeting.

Every member shall nominate in writing one or more persons to whom upon his death, his shares, deposits or any other interest shall be transferred, and the member in the presence of two attesting witnesses shall sign such nomination.  The particulars of the nominee(s) shall be recorded and kept in a sealed envelope and safely kept in the custody of the Manager and whose reference / particulars shall be entered in the Register of members.
A member may at any time change his nominee(s) provided that, such changes or alterations are done in writing and signed by the member in the presence of two attesting witnesses.

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About Chai Housing

Chai Housing Co-operative Society limited was established in 1995 under the Co-operative Societies Act chapter 490 of the Laws of Kenya.
The main objective/mandate of the society is to provide for its members living accommodation within the area of its operations at a fair price [ Read More ]

Contact Address

Chai Housing Co-operative Society Ltd

KTDA Plaza 4th Floor,Moi Avenue,

P.O Box 30213 -00100 Nairobi Kenya

Office Phone: 020 3227018

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