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 Juja Phase I    

In 1996 the society acquired the first piece of land of 50 Acres in Juja area near Muigai Inn. This Project is referred to as Juja phase I. The land was subdivided into plots and allotted to members who qualified for allotment. The allotees were required to construct their houses on the plots upon issuance of title deeds. However in 1997 the society came up with an idea of constructing the houses for members through a loan scheme. This was to be referred as Chai Housing Estate Project. The society embarked on plans to source or the construction loan and at the same time work on the preliminary stages of the project.

Located approximately 2 and a half kilometers from Juja town. Entrance at opposite Kenyatta road and next Star of Hope Catholic Centre. This was a flagship project.  50 acres block and was sub divided into 317 (1/8) plots (commercial and residential). Leasehold titles issued to members. Over 80 % constructed and living on site.

Some Developments on Juja Phase 1